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COVID-19 PPE Sourcing

In response to the demand for Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) by a number of our energy savings distribution partners worldwide Agile8 has developed a comprehensive 'joined up' PPE Sourcing service for clients. 

With a top priority of getting the right PPE to help those most in need as quickly as practicable we now have an exceptional way of serving customers with the best pricing from verified quality certified suppliers that have PPE export licenses. Key to success is our ability to match PPE sourced products to the health and safety needs of front line and other healthcare professionals.

Our comprehensive PPE Catalogue is updated regularly. [To download this catalogue as a PDF file please click HERE]

We pay particular attention in sourcing PPE products to the verification of certification of quality management and , including:

1) FDA 2020 Certification

2) CE 2020 Certification

3) ISO 13485 Certification

4) Bacterial Filtration Efficiency (BFE) Certifications (Masks range from FFP2 Rated to those exceeding FFP3 Performance, or >99% BFE)

a. EN 1492001+A12009

b. EN 14683 IIR

c. GB 19083

d. Multiple 3rd Party Test Reports.

In other areas Agile8 draws on a breadth of consulting and solution delivery expertise in conjunction with our business partners. To ensure that we provide outstanding client value on every assignment our teams can call on the support of colleagues and management at every level within our organisation.  Our services include: 

Project and Programme Management: Ensuring the success of your largest, most critical and complex programmes-from air cargo re-engineering to financial services and IT.  With an emphasis on appropriate stakeholder management, involvement and engagement we can ensure that all of your critical programmes can land safely on time and to budget. 

Business Strategy: Working in conjunction with senior management teams, we can make use of our Agile8 Breakthrough© major change methodology and other support tools to radically challenge, validate and improve your future market position, growth and profitability expectations. 

IT Strategy: Making use of the best technology available, we work with our clients to develop focused IT strategies that are mapped to individual industry sector organisation, supply chain process and system requirements. 

Enterprise Architecture: Business, rather than technology requirements led designs that make use of modern 'zero coding' business process, logic and workflow solutions to integrate with client and outsource providers’ back-office infrastructure components. 

Process Reengineering: Accelerated requirements definition and validation using Insight©, the leading process analysis and optimisation solution from 8SOLUTIONS GROUP, our parent organisation.  Supporting this, we have a comprehensive package selection methodology and can provide custom development solutions. 

Supply Chain Management: We provide customised end to end business process and IT supply chain solutions tuned to our client requirements. Industry sectors covered include Finance; Shipping/Air Cargo; Automotive; Chemicals, Energy and Utilities; Industrial Products/Services and Manufacturing; Food Processing; Engineering and Civil Engineering. 

Customer Relationship Management: Definition and deployment of business process, employee and system solutions required to optimise the acquisition, retention and delivery of services to your high-value customers.  The business 'rules' required for customer credit risk, loyalty and retention management can be clarified using our Insight© process analysis solution. 

Sourcing: Achieving a correct balance between in-house and third-party delivered services, consistent with your Asia regional service delivery and growth expectations. 

Change Management: Appropriate planning and sensitive treatment of stakeholder and employee communication, training and placement implications associated with major change programmes.  Effective change management needs to take into account local cultural and language requirements across Asia.