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Agile8 is a British owned manufacturing, sourcing and consulting company based in Hong Kong. Our Key activities include:


Our core business is innovation, manufacturing and consulting in environmental management, climate control and energy optimization areas. In this we have developed, certified and currently manufacture what we consider to be the world’s best AI-based energy-saving technology for cooling systems. Our internationally patented COOLNOMIX® products (see https://coolnomix.com) deliver average savings of 30% with commercial air-conditioning and refrigeration systems. These products ensure that end-users achieve massive cost savings while reducing carbon emissions, enhancing corporate social responsibility (CSR) outcomes and contributing to a much-needed healthier global environment.

Our future
COOLNOMIX® related plans include a new Internet of things (IOT) based,  DIY / ‘off the shelf’ product for home energy savings and bringing to market a patent applied for technology for energy savings in centralized chiller based building and area climate control applications.


The worldwide coronavirus pandemic has generated an urgent requirement for timely, intelligent sourcing of medical equipment. The challenge, in matching the right equipment to government and healthcare group requirements is compounded by a huge global demand and the sometimes questionable quality of products on offer.

Our proximity to China, one of the largest medical device manufacturing countries in the world together with our long relationship with high-tech manufacturing companies in Asia gives us an edge when it comes to sourcing the right medical equipment required by your clients.

Agile8 is currently working on several government and healthcare industry turnkey sourcing projects and we are ideally placed to ensure that your requirements for medical equipment are matched to key requirements. Certification quality assurance, vendor verification and export licence validation are key elements to be assessed. In addition, at a time when the feasibility of logistics and transportation particularly challenging an ability to select the right shipping partner is also needed. Shipping complexity is also a factor, particularly when some chemical reagents used for virus testing require transportation at subzero temperatures.


Agile8 makes use of an in-house rule-based AI package called INSIGHT® to support our development of the COOLNOMIX® range of energy-saving technologies. Using our proprietary Zeus algorithm INSIGHT® is a powerful process analysis solution which generates business rules directly from data. Our technical team is working on a commercial version of INSIGHT® which, in the IT world will have particular strengths in rapid systems development. Specifically, INSIGHT® could be a game changer in a front-end IT systems development activity called business requirements analysis.