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Image Nate brings over 40 years of technical management skills to Agile8 and he leads the development and support of our world beating range of COOLNOMIX energy-saving products for cooling systems.

Nate started his career in the USA with Union Carbide Corporation in maintaining computers before moving to Litton Industries in the specification, installation and servicing of business telephone equipment. Subsequently, as Technical Services Director in Asia for Energy Control Systems where his responsibilities included regional training authorised distribution partners, recommending power quality equipment and supporting sales efforts for this companies range of surge suppression equipment. Nate has a broad knowledge of energy-saving technologies, power systems and power quality issues and he has trained thousands of engineers in Asia in the fundamentals of energy savings, electrical surge mitigation and proper equipment installation techniques.  

Nate is an invaluable member of the Agile8 team. Throughout his career, he has led, coached and worked closely with engineers, management and marketing people in the introduction of new, leading edge technological products in both the USA and Asia. Nate is also an inventor at heart and he has personally designed numerous new products for a range of companies.