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Sales Management – Targeted Sales Prospection

Getting Outsourcer Propositions to fly




Identifying and going after the right sales prospects is a major challenge for any service organisation, particularly in the increasingly competitive outsourcing arena. With a mixed track record in chasing, bidding for and winning productive deals, our client, a major Asia Pacific provider of business process and IT outsourcing services recognised a need to better target their sales, marketing and technology support staff.  Our client’s objective was to achieve a four fold improvement in the quality and profitability of their desktop outsourcing client portfolio. 


As our client has maintained a good set of records on the input to and outcome of previous desktop outsourcing projects, AGILE8 consultants made use of this data to develop a baseline of factors that influence the success of desktop outsourcing propositions.  Working with client sales managers, we then used our Insight© knowledge discovery solution to develop a specific set of process rules for the desktop outsourcing sales process.  These rules were subsequently tested against a wider set of outsourcing sales records to further refine the sales and outturn model. 

THE SOLUTION           

Using Insight© and our client’s recorded experience with desktop outsourcing we were able to discover a comprehensive set of business ‘rules’ that help to focus future effort in selectively responding to desktop outsourcing tender invitations.  Factors used by this automatically generated rule set include whether or not there is a CEO relationship, the level of IT spend and quality of management structure in the target organisation etc. 

THE BENEFITS            

At the conclusion of this consulting assignment our client had an actionable set of business process ‘rules’ for targeting and closing profitable desktop outsourcing sales opportunities. These rules are now being used to good effect in building the business.