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AGILE8 CONSULTING is the owner and manufacturer of COOLNOMIX® (see https://coolnomix.com) a world beating set of energy saving products for air conditioning and refrigeration that will contribute directly to the currently postponed COP26 Global Climate Change Initiative. As part of this we believe that our USA and internationally patented Optimized Refrigerant Supply (ORS) technology could help to reduce worldwide power generation requirements by as much as 12% (US Patent No. 9,664,426 B2 dated May 30,2017 refers).

Founded in 2005 as a full-service manufacturing and business process consultancy of first choice our objective is simple - "To provide clients with energy saving, sourcing, problem solving and process re-engineering productivity that cannot be matched by our competitors". Our unique manufacturing and consulting approach combines tools and consulting insights with our clients’ business knowledge and experience to create advantage through innovation.

COVID-19 PPE Sourcing now surfaces as a global imperative and AGILE8 is ideally placed to serve discerning clients requiring urgent medical equipment. We now work on all aspects of this supply chain intensive activity: from finding suitably qualified and certified suppliers to 'on the ground/face to face' China and Asia based factory validation where necessary and securing reasonably priced transportation in a current environment where air cargo costs are skyrocketing.  [To download this catalogue as a PDF file please click HERE].

Strategically located in Hong Kong AGILE8 is an ideal partner serving both Asian and global clients. Our COOLNOMIX® energy-saving products are sold through distribution partners in 36 countries worldwide. In addition, our multicultural team routinely  capitalizes on opportunities presented by Hong Kong’s positioning as a global logistics hub. On sourcing our organisation is well placed to act as your ‘bridge’ between China’s burgeoning marketplace and international clients across a broad range of industries.


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